About Our Herbal Bath and Beauty Product Offerings


We only sell products that use herbs we can grow here on the farm. That means there are many popular offerings we can't provide, but we're happy that our soaps, scrubs, oils, etc, are truly local. We work hard to be honest in our descriptions and sourcing, so that you know exactly who your'e supporting. We love to name our local partners in our products.

Locally Sourced

Of course, not every ingredient we use in our herbal products are 100% local - we really wish that were possible! Coconut and olive oils, and salts are ingredients we just can't source here locally. But we do make every attempt to locate (and name) a local source whenever possible. All of our herbal and honey products are local. 


All of our herbal bath and beauty products are only available from us. We put our hands and love and hearts into each and every batch we make. We do make many recipes each year, but we usually only get a yield of 12-15 soaps or scrubs, (or you name it) per batch. Each one is an artistic creation, and you won't find it anywhere else. 

Herbal Products

Handmade Soaps

My daughter, Annie and I make each soap in small batches with all-organic oils and our own herbs or essential oils distilled from our our own farm grown products. They're soft and kind to your skin, and have a story behind each herb included. 

Bath Salts

Our bath salts are a combination of Himilayan pink salts, Epsom salts, and our own distilled essential oils from herbs on the farm. We package these into pretty containers for use as gifts or display in your bathroom. The scents are one of a kind. 

Sugar Scrubs

We create sugar scrubs using our own herb-infused organic oils with raw un-processed sugar and local honey. They're skin smoothing and kind to your body, while being an uplifting and relaxing experience for your mind. 

Essential Oils

We distill our own essential oils using a 5 gallon professional distiller. When a carrier oil is needed for very strong oils (i.e., lavender), we use only organic olive oil. We use our oils for many of our herbal products, and also under our pillows for bedtime, or to add to some our secret preserve canning recipes.


Potpourri may seem like an out-dated product, but think of a crystal dish of dried leaves, blossoms and wild-crafted berries or cones that's truly unique to our area. Our potpourris are beautiful to look upon and delicately scented to be that little reminder of the season. Each one is only available when the individual dried bits and blossoms are at their best.


We use montgomery county beeswax and pure organic coconut oil with our own distilled herbal essential oils to make our candles. All are made in small batches of about 12/batch. We combine our own herbs using time-tested recipes for each candle so they induce relaxation, well-being, balance, kindness, acceptance or energy. 

Herbal Bath and Beauty CSA Basket

June 10th-November 3rd, 2018, $165

We're making 8 of these available for the 2018 growing season. Your bi-weekly share will have 1-2 items from our herbal products above for 11 weeks. 1 item would be a large candle, a bag of bath bombs, an essential oil, an 8oz bag of potpourri, a 12 oz sugar scrub, or a 16oz bath salts, etc. This CSA share requires full payment by March 31st.