What Herbs Do We Grow?

European Traditional Medicinal Herbs

We have curated a nice list of traditional medicinal herbs that we grow on the farm along with their uses.

Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Native American Medicinal Herbs

Our Herbal Adventure CSA Share

July 6 - Nov 30, 2018 $315

We only have 5 of these available for 2018. Each Friday for 21 weeks beginning July 6, members will receive a large bunch of our choice of the herbs we grow cut that day at the peak of their essential oil content. Bunch sizes will vary dependent upon the herbs chosen, the essential oil content, and therefore  how much is needed to make a solid batch of product. You can choose to dry the herbs or choose fresh for teas, make alcohol or water extracted tinctures, poultices, distill for essential oils, etc. We recommend this especially for people who are truly interested in herbal exploration but don't have enough room to grow their own herbs, or who may want to experiment before buying land. It's also a terrific mother-daughter bonding experience! Initial payments of $105 are due prior to March 31st, with bi-monthly payments of $70 due July 1, Sept 1, and Nov 1.