Thank you for your interest in our farm!

My name is Faye Martin, and I'm the owner along with my daughter, Annie. Besides growing the farm and enjoying our horses I work as a scientist full-time in drug development for severe asthma. I've been growing everything imaginable for about 15 years on a fairly large scale, and use organic biointensive growing methods that involve deep rich soil high in natural organic matter along with close planting to keep weeds down and increase yields and quality over traditional field crop methods. My goals for the farm are to use organic, ALL-NATURAL open field growing methods for vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs for sale, including Ayurvedic, Native American and Chinese medicinal herbs. We hope to become a valued destination in our local area and to provide the neighborhoods around us with the absolute highest quality fruits, herbs, flowers and vegetables of a wide variety. Our dream is to turn the farm into a beautiful place for families to visit, with pathways between the plants and through the woods. I'm hoping we'll eventually provide classes on the use, preservation and growing of medicinal herbs, as well as classes on flower preservation and classes on Ayurveda and Yoga. Last but not least, I'd like to make the farm a place to visit for farm-stays, on-farm retreats, and overall joy, delight, healing and rejuvenation.