Some of Our Offerings

Rose Wine Pink Peppercorn Jelly

Lightly tangy with rose herbal tones and the zingy crunch of pink peppercorns - this gorgeous soft jelly is perfect to serve over cream cheese or brie with specialty crackers or breads and charcuterie.

Zesty Dill Pickles

Traditionally canned using the water bath method - these slightly crunchy thickly sliced pickles are wonderfully garlicy with plenty of chillies, coriander, mustard and fresh-picked dill to turn the flavor up a few notches. 

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

My favorite use for this is for enchiladas verde. It's made from farm raised green and purple tomatillos, pasilla peppers, onions & garlic, all roasted together for smoky overtones, and then blended with handfuls of cilantro and some lime juice. 

Anna Karenina's Kitchen

I met Julia when she came to WWOOF for the farm! Now we're getting ready to cook another batch this week of the always sold out Lodal Creek Farm Thai Basil Tomato Soup (not the one in the picture)