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  • iniuriapoetica "Be blessed enough to find this farm! Faye is a beautiful and driven woman whose passion shows fluidly in the time and care she puts into her work. She is a generous person raising an outgoing and charismatic daughter who will make your stay that much more of an adventure! As a first time WWOOFer, my stay was every bit as wonderful as I hoped, preparing and harvesting beautiful organic vegetables for sale to customers who care just as much about sustaining organic farms. My favorite part was Faye talking me through her delicious recipe for Jamaican chicken so that I knew how to make it- and she is as outstanding a cook as she is a grower- and trying exciting new recipes such as candied fennel and radish baguettes. Again- choose to be blessed by choosing this farm!"
    October      2017
  • karugg

    "I feel very fortunate to have spent three weeks at Lodal Creek Farm. Faye is a superwoman, working full time, raising her wonderful daughter Annie, and running the farm. Having taken a recent departure from professional full-time work to WWOOF for a year, it was eye-opening and inspiring to see how you can make a homestead successful while also working full time. There is opportunity for a WWOOFER to get real experience, such as with medicinal plant planning, as Faye writes in the farm description, which is      great for proactive folks looking to really learn and contribute. Faye is one of the best cooks I have met on my travels and her curries are awesome. Take advantage of her culinary knowledge, which she is always eager to share. The area is really relaxing, yet convenient. I would definitely recommend Lodal Creek Farm and hope to return one day as      well."
    October      2017
  • aksh6174

    "I had the most amazing time at Faye's farm. Faye is really an incredible person with a vast knowledge on many subjects. She taught me so much about farming as well as cooking. She is honestly the best cook I have ever met and you'll eat all types of amazing food there. Her daughter is so kind and fun as well, and both of them were so caring a willing to help when I got sick. Faye was incredibly patient with me, especially when I made mistakes, and made me feel beyond welcome. I would recommend this farm to anyone and I hope to go back myself!"
    October      2017
  • Chayanikashep

    "I was there a few days but my host and her daughter are very generous. Faye teaches by working along side volunteers which really helped me understand the tasks. I learn various things like how to clean horse saddles and I helped to cook a yummy vegan dish. Overall my first WWOOFing experience was very nice!"
    September 2017
  • AprilMarie

    "This was my first Wwoofing experience and although it was a short visit, I learned so much from Faye about organic gardening and her methods of growing flowers and veggies. She also gave me a lesson in cooking Thai green curry which was just as good as the curry I ate in Thailand. Her daughter was an exuberant little girl and was happy to lend me her bedroom for the night. They taught me about caring for the chickens&ducks and we had a wonderful time watching their beloved cat and new kitten wrestle and play. It was lovely spending time with Faye, Annie and all the pets. I hope to return to help in the gardens, teach Faye some more Yoga and ride the horses:)"
    June      2017
  • Einola

    "A beautiful farm! Everything about the place was exactly what I looked for!: The family was absolutely lovely and caring; The location was serene with plenty to do with the hiking trails; The location was not too far away from the city; and I learnt more about farming and I got to experience the culture. Faye was a lovely host that made sure I was comfortable in every way. Working alongside her was fun, and rewarding. Her house was comfortable and cosy, and immediately I felt at home. She kept me busy with loads of things to do, both with work and play, which was all fun! With that, she made sure I got to experience more of the Ameriican culture, and maximise my experience there. She was able to cater to my dietary preferences (vegan), and together we shared wonderful recipes. It was a beautiful experience that I wish lasted longer! I felt like I got a lot from the experience, and I hope that more people work here! She is a passionate lady with a vision for the farm that I hope flourishes into the vision she imagined. Best decision!"
    June      2017

Video from WWOOFer Shivani Einola

Check out this great video from WWOOFer Shivani Einola! Thank you Shivani for all your help and for spending some really special times with us!

WWOOFing at Lodal Creek Farm

Working with Us

I work full-time as a scientist, and so generally work hours are 4-7pm weekdays and 5-6 hours per day on the weekends. We usually take off on Fridays and Mondays. I try to always work WITH my wwoofers - it's very rare to be working alone - so usually we have plenty of great conversation along the way as well!


We have a big old brick farm house - it's crickety, but comfortable, homey and clean. WWOOFers have their own bedroom, and share a modern bathroom with the family. Check out the Photo Gallery below for pictures. 


One of the best parts of WWOOFing with us (according to our WWOOF reviews), is the food! We can cater to any preferences, and whatever you need to eat, we eat with you. Dinners are family style - I have expertise in many foreign flavors and dishes. For breakfast and lunch, you are on your own to prepare something from our well-stocked kitchen. 

Things to Do Without a Car

Right here at the farm we have a beautiful creek to play in or spread out a blanket and read a book. Across from us is the district schools campus, with tennis courts, basketball courts, etc, and access to more than 60 miles of paved shady bike paths. You're always welcome to drive in with me in the mornings to the train to Philly as well. 

Attractions in our area

Our area has countless attractions to suit every possible interest, from outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing and biking; major art museums, arboretums and conservatories; historical and social/cultural attractions. We have plenty of recommendations for you!

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